The 6-week online program exclusively for Croatian founders globally.

Have access to network like Croatian founders, investors & experts, exchange feedback and get funding.

The program has started! Stay tuned for the next one!

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The Pillars

oofice hours graphic image
Office hours

Attend to weekly live Q&As with successful startup founders, and investors of your country

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Take part in weekly online sessions covering 6 topics that are most valuable to an early-stage tech startup founder

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Interact with the European Startup Universe community in the forum

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Educational content

Receive a weekly curated list with educational content & resources

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1-on-1 online meetings

Get access to 1-on-1 online meetings with EU fundraising experts, corporates, lawyers, and accountants

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Use discounted or even free services, products and other limited offers

€200+M in funding opportunities if you are looking for funding.

Angel investors

Complete 7/8 progress reports to access Croatian-origin angel investors looking to fund startups in your industry

Who is this for? Startups in very early stages
Total money to be invested: €300K
Angels invest through Equity 7-9%, convertible note

VCs, Angel funds & family offices

If you complete 7/8 progress reports and you are a startup with product & revenues looking for additional funding we can connect you with Croatian-origin angel funds, family offices & VCs in our network.

Who is this for? Startups in pre-seed or seed stage
Total money to be invested: €200M
VCs, Angel funds & family offices invest through Equity (depends on maturity)

Meet our office hours speakers.

Alexis Piperides profile photo
Alexis Piperides

CEO & Co-founder PROTOIO Inc.

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1-on-1 online meetings

40+ Croatian-origin experts to help you establish and grow your venture globally.

  • Business Developers
  • CEOs with fundraising experience
  • Marketing & Growth hackers
  • Salespeople
  • Designers & UI/UXs
  • Product developers
  • Lawyers
  • CFOs

Meet our team

Tihomira Klobučar profile photo
Tihomira Klobučar

Project & Activity Manager

Meet our country organizer.

Saša Lamza
Saša Lamza
Head of General Affair Sector at BIOS

Short Bio:
I have a master's degree in entrepreneurship from the Faculty of Economics. I was gaining work experienceI working in the private and public sector mainly in finance. For the last four years I was director of business incubator BIOS working with start up and helping them in their growth and development.
Personal quote:
Our goal is setting up a support centre for small and medium-sized enterprises in Croatia. This is main reason why we want to be part of ESU.

Meet our experts

Goran Simonovski profile photo
Goran Simonovski

Member of the Supervisory Board Vegvisir
Angel Investor

Nikola Pavešić profile photo
Nikola Pavešić

Director of Startups at Infobip

Srđan Kovačević profile photo
Srđan Kovačević

CEO and Co-Founder at Orqa FPV

Boris Guljaš profile photo
Boris Guljaš

Founding Partner Guljas & Lamza
Business Law, Labor and Employment Law expert

Bela Ikotić profile photo
Bela Ikotić

Publishing Manager at Mobile Games Entertainment

Jeronim Pandurić profile photo
Jeronim Pandurić

Owner and Director at Poslovni plan

Mihael Tomić profile photo
Mihael Tomić

Design Lead at Mono Software

Mario Čelan profile photo
Mario Čelan

Director at SIMORA Regional development agency Sisak Moslavina County

Tijana Sigel profile photo
Tijana Sigel

Legal, HR and General Affairs Manager at Rijeka Development Agency PORIN

Peter Hopwood profile photo
Peter Hopwood

Global Speaker Coach & TEDx Coach
International Pitch Coach
Storytelling for Sales
Virtual Speaking Specialist

Meet our speakers

Filip Stipančić profile photo
Filip Stipančić

❝How to talk to clients to discover a need❞
Partner at Lean Startup Croatia

Božidar Pavlović profile photo
Božidar Pavlović

❝How to recruit (employees, Board of Advisors members, etc.)❞
Fintech Consultant and Strategic Advisor

Bela Ikotić profile photo
Bela Ikotić

❝How to build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)❞
Publishing Manager at Mobile Games Entertainment

Ida Pandur profile photo
Ida Pandur

❝How to do marketing for a consumer product / How to sale❞
Marketing & CX consultant

Ivo Špigel profile photo
Ivo Špigel

❝How to raise fundings❞
Cofounder and board member at Perpetuum Mobile

Ivan Jelušić profile photo
Ivan Jelušić

❝How to make your pitch deck❞
Co-Founder and CSO at Orqa

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